Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fuck me it's been awhile

Let me get comfy this might take awhile,
well hello there interwebs :D
it's now 2010!!! I'm back at school I leave in may I finsh propley in July, I have
the bestest friend in the world ;) LB and my GCSE's are all ok.
I passed my leading cadet with a Merit (B) I was 2 points from the top of the class
Christmas has been and gone, i got a Netbook and a removable Optical Driver :D!!!
I also ended it with my 'dream girl' I'm not going to lie to the par 1 person on here that reads this
I found her nice now that I think of it I didn't find her attractive. Her friend are bastards and
are totally fucking hypocryits and...well noobs, neither looks like a socialble type or a Bf/Gf type. There not
even attractive.
New girl in my life EM she's playing hard to get, but as a persistant bastard I always get what I want.
Getting my Promotion to >> anytime soon! Gaigers a twat as per usauall and Snook is being a bastard, Alexadrea left so +1 for me
and all going cool.
Going to HRlow college with LB <3 she's such a nice friend xxx
studying different things but are both having lunch and whatnot togeather.
Got Facebook love it found all my long lost childhood friends.
Seeing 30STM in feb with LB and co going to be cool and I'm enjoying life, one day at a time <3
blue camp is now in spring so I get my bday off and going to party with LB EM AK>> BS AS>>> and co

RAF is looking promising as I joined the gym and am pushing it baby ;)
oh and AC died in Novemeber <3 >>> ly serg I miss you

anyway off to bed and will post semi reg (1-2 per week)