Sunday, 1 November 2009

Back from Fremington

Back yesterday from Green camp which was held at Fremington, it's going to be shut down so this is the last time it's going to be open. The activity's were top class we did...
Rock climbing, absailing, orentering, Fieldcraft skills, shooting, archery, gokarts, kaiaking, leadership ex, raft building, and some lucky bastards got a helicopter ride in the Lynx, they flew over us while we were shooting "30 rounds rapid" then this Lynx just flys 200 Ft above us and it was =\ I want a go in a Lynx.
But I'm back my bones are completely aching from all the running in the morning, tired from all the early mornings.

I took alot of photos and there's already alot on the Interwebs

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